Payments are accepted at the time service is arranged, or immediately after services are completed. All services are performed on a cash only basis.

Airport/Bus Depot Pick-up

Provide us with your arrival information at the international airport, or the bus depot in Guadalajara, and we will pick you up and bring you to Ajijic Suites. We have room for 4 adults plus baggage - 4 large checked bags and 4 carry ons.
  • The charge for pick-up (8am - 6pm) is $MXN 500 (approx US$ 30, inc tip) & $600 pesos (US$37)(from 6pm - 8am)

Airport/Bus Depot Drop-off

Drop-offs can be arranged at the hotel. Please make arrangements as far ahead as possible. We have room for 4 adults plus baggage - 4 large checked bags and 4 carry ons. The charge for drop-off is $MXN 500 (approx US$30 inc tip)

In-house Laundry

We provide a personal laundry service at the hotel by request. If you need laundry done during your stay, please speak to the office staff to arrange a date and time.
  • Rates for laundry are by load. If you want separate loads for light and dark coloured clothing, there will be a charge for each load, regardless of size
  • A load of laundry is based on the capacity of our washing machine. Typically this works out to about 9 pounds/4 kilograms
  • Your laundry will be washed, dried and folded before being returned to your suite - usually the same day
  • An iron and ironing board are available for guests’ use in the sala
  • Whilst every care will be taken with the laundering of your clothing, we cannot accept liability should any damage occur, or if one sock decides to wander elsewhere!
• Charges per load are $MXN 50 (approx US$4)

Local Tours

If you are interested in visiting a particular location/attraction during your stay, we can provide transportation for up to 4 adults at your request. We offer a number of pre-arranged tours; however, these are guidelines only. We can customize any tour to meet your exact needs - either beforehand or “on the wing”. Choices are good!

Our rates for either half-day (up to 4 hours) or full-day tours. Price includes car and driver/guide.
  • Half-day - $MXN 900 or US$ 56
  • Full-day - $MXN 1,600 or US$ 100